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Being part of an organization is a wonderful help throughout college. Being part of a team gives you comradery that will last a life time. In rugby here at lander you get both. If you would like to join, or would just like some more information please fill out the form so we can contact you.

Thank you for contacting us. What you can do is also text (864)871-1998!
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Join the Blue Army – It’s an experience you won’t forget!
Whether you want to keep competing in sports after high school or you want to get your first experience at the camaraderie associated with being part of a team, now is the time to join the Rugby Club at Lander University.

Lander’s Rugby Club has certified and experienced coaches who focus on all levels of play and are dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere where players can hone their skills. It’s also an environment where club members can build lifelong friendships, whether it’s while practicing on campus or playing on spring break study tours, which have included trips to England and the Caribbean.

The university offers both men’s and women’s rugby, and the club is open to players of different sizes and all levels of experience. No players are cut from the team, and every team member will have the opportunity to play.

A Competitive Lineup
The Lander Rugby Club is a member of the  Georgia Rugby Union. This NSCRO  league ensures that the rugby team is matched up against top competition each week of play. USA Rugby recognizes this league as a Division III league and, as such, the team competes each year for a national championship.

The Georgia Rugby Union Consists mostly of Schools in the Georgia Area. These Schools are: Armstrong State university, Emory,Georgia Gwinnett, Georgia state, Morehouse, UNG and valdosta state.

In the non-competitive season, Lander’s rugby team schedules games against Division I schools including the University of South Carolina, Clemson University and teams from other regions, as well as Mens clubs from the surrounding areas in order to experience higher level play.